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bass tabs?

Flower Kings tabs you made (or found)

bass tabs?

Postby tfkjunker » 02 May 2010, 06:13

Hi tfk fans, im a young bassist from Mexico, and a VERY BIG Flower Kings fan, im looking for bass tabs for any Flower Kings song, i saw the 2 tabs ( grand old world & days gone by) but i want more!, and im a little bad one, to can write it, you know where can i buy some of flower kings bass tabs, or download it?
Im looking for humanizzimo, stardust we are and devils playground, but if dont, any other song its ok:)
thanks for help!
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Re: bass tabs?

Postby wowie » 02 May 2010, 09:55

I forwarded your question to the mailinglist,
maybe i get news so i will forward it here.
You can also try to ask Jonas if he can help
or mailinglist
http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/fl ... icialmail/
or myspace

But maybe if youre lucky some nice dude will post sth here ...
GREETS from the mid of germany TO MEXICO
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Re: bass tabs?

Postby tfkjunker » 04 May 2010, 01:48

Ok buddy, i wiil try it :) and wait in case of somebody can help me:D
Nice, i love germany!
Big greets from Mexico capital to over there!
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