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I Am the Sun (live version from Instant Delivery)

Flower Kings tabs you made (or found)

I Am the Sun (live version from Instant Delivery)

Postby PoorMrRain » 12 Jan 2009, 21:34

Someone wanted tabs or chords of FK songs. I have a handful, most of which I transcribed on my own. I used to post them but no one ever bothered to check my work or respond, so I stopped wasting my time. I'll try again, but would appreciate any kind soul checking my work or transcribing others songs for the rest of us! I transcribe by ear, and I'm no Beethoven when it comes to pitch, so any extra help is always good.

Here's the live version of I am the Sun, from Carpe Diem. I also have There Is More to this World, Church of Your Heart, Babylon, World Without a Heart, Cosmic Circus, A King's Prayer, and am 85% done with The Truth Will Set You Free - yes, all of it! I'll post some of those if this one gets any response.

I Am The Sun (Live version)

Dmaj7, Gmaj7, Dmaj7, Gmaj7, D, A(c#)/D, C/D, Bb/D

D (riff is: D, Db, D, Db, A, F#, D, Db, A, F#, A), G A (repeat)

A7, G, A7, G, A7, Fmaj7, F#m

Dmaj7, F/D, Gm/D, C/D (x2)

D, G#mdim5+9


Been around for awhile....
Grown my beard, I'm still a child
Dead end short cuts, just the same
I'm the master of my game....


I'm at the peak!
Never forget what I tell you
Never believe in the dark deep...

D, G#mdim5+9

Verse 2 - same as first

Chorus 2 - same as first

Interlude on harpsicord

C#m, G#m, F#, D, A (x2)

Verse 3
same as first but ending on a strong G:
Anything that's close to wonder!

D, G, A, Bm
I'm in the middle now see, what I've done..
G, A/E
Staring in to the sun...
D, G, A, Bm
You think you're dreaming but gradually you'll learn
G, A/E
What its like being torn....

C, Em
Afternoon, the upstream....
D, A
Begging for time...
C, Em
Hum the words I feel you
D, G
My colorful...crime
Break down the score...

Da da da da da.............
Da da da da da.............
Da da da da da.............

Finale the (tempo is mixed, with some chords lingering, so you'll have to sound it out):

D Bb G# G#/F# A F/A Eb/G Eb B Bbm A G/A Bb/F F#/B


Main Riff: D Ac#/D Am/D Bb/D D

Ac#/D Am/D Bb/D Gm/Ab Gmsus2/A# F#/A# F#sus2/A# A

Asus2 E/A F#


Dmaj7 D#m Dmaj7 Bm F# C#/F# C#m/F# Bm/F# F#
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Re: You asked for it... (I Am The Sun question)

Postby hardlanding » 13 Jan 2009, 03:14

This is great stuff, though I haven't checked it yet, sorry. A question:

Here's the live version of I am the Sun, from Carpe Diem.
I assume you mean from the "Live In New York - Official Bootleg", rather than Carpe Diem?

Given that "I Am The Sun" is perhaps my favorite Flower Kings piece, I was wondering - is there any good recording of them playing the whole thing live? In particular, the portion of "I Am the Sun pt. 1" from about 7:20 to the end (both the instrumental sections, and the slow vocal section at the end). Did they ever play that live? Did they ever play both pt. 1 and pt. 2 together, as one long piece?

Thanks -
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Re: You asked for it...

Postby PoorMrRain » 13 Jan 2009, 06:55

Oops - actually it's from Instant Delivery...Carpe Diem was on my mind as I was transcribing Psychedelic Postcard!

I've never heard a bootleg with the complete IATS. Have you check The Plantation?
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Re: You asked for it...

Postby wowie » 15 Jan 2009, 11:44

Its great work you do PoorMrRain!!!
I guess there are not many people searching for tfk tabs. maybe a 100 or 500? Or maybe just 2?

I asked on the mailing list for some tabs but i had no response.
But i will try it once more.
Maybe we can create this tab archive, this would be fine.
Even if only one or two persons a year asks for it! To make it possible and easy to go is a good thing imo!

So im happy for every tab and lyric we can add!!
I dont use tabs so at the moment i cant really contribute something else then a bit motivation and energy to do an archive.
“I would rather be a man of paradoxes than a man of prejudices.” - IDIC
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Re: I Am the Sun (live version from Instant Delivery)

Postby projeKct » 26 Jan 2009, 06:08

Thank you very much for your contribution with IATS tabs, PoorMrRain!

Feel free to share your other tabs with us ;)

I hope the new Tablatures section is alright with you...
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