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Flower Kings t-shirt

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Flower Kings t-shirt

Postby djf1024 » 02 Nov 2013, 14:03

My fiancé is a HUGE fan and I'd like to get him a Flower Kings shirt as a wedding gift. Where can I find one?
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Re: Flower Kings t-shirt

Postby projeKct » 02 Nov 2013, 14:49

I don't know, really... maybe someone else knows something about it?

I just googled it and found this UNofficial site: http://www.collectorware.com/tees-flower_kings.htm
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Re: Flower Kings t-shirt

Postby wowie » 04 Nov 2013, 16:57

Maybe Brian got some left ... so you should also check the mailinglist.

The collectorsWare stuff is selfmade isnt it?
maybe i will do some UTF in black with my local clopen shop .... so this is doable for everybody.
You just need a good jpg or whatever picture file from your fave tfk picture and go to your local textil-print-shop and let them print it for you.
So there you have also a bit more control over the shirt quality and size.... or long-sleeve or sweatshirt ....
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Re: Flower Kings t-shirt

Postby Symfoon » 05 Nov 2013, 10:32

djf1024 wrote:My fiancé is a HUGE fan and I'd like to get him a Flower Kings shirt as a wedding gift. Where can I find one?

Normally it's the Royal Gardener himself who is taking care of t-shirts etc. so if there are some left they should be somewhere in
the vault of The Cosmic Lodge.... So best try is to send an e-mail to : roine at flowerkings dot se as i think he is the only one who might
be able to help you out.
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